Celebrities Against Fracking: Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, Zoe Saldana & others fight back

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A group of celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Ethan Hawke, and Amy Ryan have teamed up for a video to fight back against a fracking project putting New York’s finest drinking water at risk. The video, called I Love My New York Water can be viewed below:


I Love My New York Water

The video was put together by an organization called Clean Water Not Dirty Drilling and Mark Ruffalo, who attracted other New York-based celebrities like Nadia Dajani, and Josh Charles to create a video that educates New Yorkers on the dangers of fracking. In Ruffalo’s own blog, he calls on residents of New York State to send a letter to Governor Cuomo to prevent hydraulic fracturing from threatening NY’s world-class drinking water.

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