A Crack in the Pavement: Documentary Showing Kids Going Green at School

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A short two-part documentary series called “A Crack in the Pavement” showcases groups of children who go green at their schools. The films, “Growing Dreams” and “Digging In”, feature kids taking part in environmental actions like transforming their completely concrete playground into a green area, including planting trees for shade, growing vegetables to provide to the food bank, building a greenhouse, and creating a courtyard pond. These films should serve as inspiration for what kids can do to go green at school.


The environmental documentary, created by Gwynne Basen & Jane Churchill, is a few years old, but the message hasn’t been lost over time. If anything, this films show the types of ideas we should be working with kids to get them more involved with nature and appreciate the environment.

Watch the film below, and be sure to pass this on to any parents or teachers who you think may appreciate it.


A Crack in the Pavement: Growing Dreams

A Crack in the Pavement: Digging In

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