Anyone who rides public transportation is already travelling in an environmentally friendly way, but the MetroCards (or Metro Passes in some cities) still need to find a way to be recycled. Enter artist Stephen Shaheen who has created an incredible bench design using 5,000 MetroCards.

Stephen Shaheen working on Metrobench

Environmental design in the Metrobench

Stephen’s bench is made with a steel frame, but everything else is pure MetroCard. The 5,000 cards that Shaheen collected took around a week to be attached to the frame and complete the design. Although 5,000 cards seems like a huge number to recycle, the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) prints 170 million of the MetroCards every year – and most of those probably do not get recycled.

Closeup of Metrobench

To see more of Stephen Shaheen’s work, visit his official site at this link.


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