True Green Life

It’s pretty easy to be a green know-it-all these days. There are enough tips about changing light bulbs and installing low-flow shower heads popping up in the mainstream media that we’ve already thought of everything that can be done around the home to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Kim Mckay and Jenny Bonnin’s True Green Life in 100 Everyday Ways proved me wrong.

Although throughout the book’s 7 categories (Travel, Celebrations, Family, Health, Your Backyard, Enjoyment, and Action) there are familiar lessons to lead a greener life, there are also some incredibly easy to do tips that haven’t crossed my mind before.

true green life in 100 everyday ways

I’ve personally learned how to cut down on my toilet’s water consumption, how to stay greener when cooking, and the most environmentally friendly way to store food when there are leftovers.

One of the most appealing parts of the book is it can truly apply to anyone. Whether friends, family, kids, or even grandparents pick it up, the ideas are universal and can be implemented by anyone, young or old.

And not to worry if you’re a reader who feels for the trees, as the book is not only printed on recycled paper, but the carbon produced by its manufacturing has been completely offset as well.

It’s undoubtedly a great green read, and on bookshelves now – grab your own copy from Amazon right here.

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