Brace For Impact: Thomas A. Lewis’ Musings on Sustainable Living

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Journalists are known to be a cynical lot. It is our nature to question, probe, sift through the “spin” to get to, or at the very least try to get to the actual issue or story at hand.

Brace for Impact, Surviving the Crash of the Industrial Age by Sustainable Living” journalist and author Thomas A. Lewis gives us a “fresh and startling perspective on the problems afflicting modern industrial society” and suggests the urgent need for sustainable living as a way to survive the crash.

A recent press release states “Brace for impact catalogues the mounting failures of industrial agriculture from the destruction wrought by the way agribusiness grows crops to the horrors and dangers of the way it raises animals. With chapters on water (dwindling supplies and worsening pollution) imminent oil shortages (peak oil in fact may already have arrived) and rampant problems in the electrical grid (for which the solution is not a “smart” grid but no grid at all), the book offers and exhaustive review of the rising threats to our supplies of food, water and energy. Then after examining the political and financial institutions that refuse to recognize the dangers, let alone move to counter them, Brace for Impact faces the inevitable conclusion: industrial society is about to crash and cannot be saved”.

On a brighter note, Lewis suggests that while the it will not be possible to “save everyone from the crash” employing a sustainable lifestyle will allow families and communities to avoid the “worst consequences”.

A veteran journalist and writer Lewis maintains a blog relating the principals of the book to news of the day. His blog can be read at He is also artist in residence at the Department of Mass Communication at Frostburg State University in Maryland and lives on his own “sanctuary-in-progress” a 20 acre farm in West Virgina.

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