Naked CelebritiesSure, they might not be the most well known (or most attractive) celebrities around, but Greta Scacchi, Emilia Fox, and Terry Gilliam all stripped down for a photoshoot to raise awareness about saving the bluefin tuna. Their motivation for the idea came after seeing the upcoming documentary film The End Of The Line (watch the trailer here), which is supposed to be ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for the oceans. The film claims that if we continue to eat fish the way we do, there will be no more seafood by 2048. Bluefin tuna is actually at a much higher risk, as most of its breeding stock is expected to be gone by 2012. But there’s a simple solution to this problem that’s almost as easy as taking your clothes off: start eating sustainable fish from fish farms.

Now as for the picture… Don’t get me wrong, it is for a great cause, and I’m sure it will help raise awareness about the upcoming film – but taking your clothes off to promote fish farms doesn’t have the same effect as taking your clothes off for PETA (I’d rather go naked than eat fish?) I guess they achieved the desired effect and hit headlines with the picture, so as long as they didn’t kill too many fish for the photoshoot it may just help save the bluefin tuna after all.



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