The Lorax PSA encourages kids to enjoy the outdoors

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The Lorax

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To assist in promoting the upcoming film adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic The Lorax, the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service has created a PSA featuring characters from the film, which encourages kids to explore nature and discover the forest. Check it out below:


Getting kids outdoors

The USDA’s involvement in promoting the movie serves a great purpose in encouraging kids to get outdoors. The cause for concern, as stated by the U.S. Forest Service, is that:

  • over 245 million Americans live reasonably close ( within 100 miles ) of a National Forest or Grassland, but kids in the U.S. spend 50% less time outdoors than they did 20 years ago
  • kids who play outside have lower stress levels and more active imaginations
  • outdoor exercise helps children grow fitter and leaner with stronger immune systems
  • kids who play outside often will likely mature to be environmentally conscious adults


The Lorax

The LoraxFor anyone who is unfamiliar with the story of the Lorax, it’s about a creature who fights against deforestation and environmental protection. It was first published in 1971, and its theatrical release is scheduled for March 12, 2012.

It looks like the film will do the book justice, and help spread the original message conveyed by the book. Watch the official trailer for the movie below, and be sure to visit to experience the outdoors, as Dr. Seuss would have wanted.



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1 thought on “The Lorax PSA encourages kids to enjoy the outdoors”

  1. Ian,

    The Lorex looks fantastic ,although the top of the trees look like cotton candy, and it’s coming to the theatres two days before my birthday–what a wonderful gift =)! It is awesome to see that there are films that continue to promote being environmentally conscious and one based off of Dr. Seuss at that! At one time, the US used to have public safety and environmental announcements with Smokey the Bear and the Owl (who I never really knew the name to) but always remember the slogan, “Give A Hoot, Don’t Pollute–Whether you’re in the city or in the woods, please keep America looking green.” It is too bad that they strayed away from that but I guess there is a resurgence of sorts. It is really good to educate children earlier on so that they can not only enjoy the outdoors when they are young but can also care enough to take a stand to protect our environment and leave a healthier world for future generations to enjoy as well.

    Who knows maybe we may even see an updated Captain Planet and Toxic Crusader movie too–that would be so cool especially if it is done in live action =) Swamp Thing is really awesome too–I think they may have had a few environmental commercials with him as well if I remember correctly–blowing out person’s match before he was in any position to potentially set the marsh on fire “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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