Matt Damon’s next film Promised Land to reveal dangers of fracking

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Matt Damon

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America’s anti-fracking movement is further making its way to the mainstream, thanks to the help of various Hollywood stars.

Actor Matt Damon is the latest celebrity to take part in the cause. There are reports that his next drama, titled Promised Land, will carry a strong anti-fracking message.

There are reports the film is being given exclusive viewing in New York and Los Angeles on December 28th so that it can be considered for the 2013 Oscars ceremony. It will then begin its expanded release in January.

Damon reportedly co-wrote the screenplay with The Office star, John Krasinski, who also stars in the film. The two play opposing roles in the plot, which focuses on a natural gas company that sets its sights on a small town.

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is a relatively new drilling technology that’s revolutionized the energy industry and caused significant health and environmental concerns. The process has brought massive supplies of fuel to the market. And the technology is now being used to unlock giant oil fields long considered too difficult to tap.

Most recently, activists in New York State have been embattled in its own anti-fracking campaign. Protesters have been putting pressure on governor Andrew Cuomo not to approve natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale through fracking. New York officials are finalizing regulations to govern the new drilling and are expected to come up with a decision soon.

Yoko Ono and her son, Sean Lennon, launched their own anti-fracking coalition this week titled: ‘Artists Against Fracking’.

‘Promised Land’ hopes to keep up the buzz until next year’s Oscars ceremony. And also sway public opinion on this controversial drilling process.

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  1. Matt Damon and Hollywood in general are totally ignorant of fracking and the oil business and are scaring folks because it is fashionable to be against fracking. This fashion based attack is so sickening like a bunch of sickening lemmings.


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