The Rise of Eco Entertianment Green Casinos

Green Chips Made from Recycled Material
Green Chips Made from Recycled Material

Casinos are predominantly associated with glamorous hotels, floodlit fountains and flashing neon signs; however, due to the ever-increasing worries over the environment, the $30 billion industry is making changes to reduce its carbon footprint.

For a typical casino to operate properly it uses an enormous amount of electricity – flashing lights, music, slot machines, security, food, drinks and entertainment. Because a lot of casinos run 24/7, it would be perfect to transform a casino into an eco-friendly venue that helps the environment.


The first logical step to create an eco-friendly casino would be to consider modern eco building methods that will maintain aesthetic qualities. Doors and windows will determine the heating and cooling systems you will need, so the strategic placing of these is a main consideration.


Table From Eco Materials
Table From Eco Materials

Considering natural materials throughout the build is a great way of using recycled timber, stone, slate and marble. Energy can be generated using solar energy through the installation of solar panels. A recycled water system can be added, a method that collects the water from kitchens and bathrooms and guides it from a tank and into filtering troughs to eliminate any bad organisms.

Recycled materials don’t have to end at the construction stage – some designers like EGM Green LLC. specialise in the design and production of eco-friendly casino furniture built from recycled materials. Everything is available from gaming tables to luxury lounge seating, poker tables to roulette wheels.

Eco Lighting

Obviously, one of the main ways to reduce energy usage in a casino is to consider eco lighting options. Today, many venues are taking advantage of the energy-efficient, LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. The initial layout is higher than standard lighting, but the LED option lasts five-times longer and provides a softer light – over the long haul, it will pay for itself many times over.


All decent venues require substantial heating and boiler rooms to generate the large amount of heat needed to make its guests feel comfortable. This heat is either used to warm the venue’s environment, to heat water and run emergency generators. If the excess heat is collected and channelled to power generators, electricity can be created and put to use elsewhere, saving the electricity taken from the grid.

If all future casino builds – or any venues – consider these steps it will have a significant effect on the environment and attitudes to construction. Already setting the benchmark, Revel Casino in Atlantic City were the talk of the town when they opened in 2012, revealing their eco-friendly solutions.

Casinos are becoming more and more popular so larger crowds will flock to these venues over the coming years, meaning the switch to eco can only be beneficial. Of course you can play electronically at places like and providing you are using an eco energy source that is eco gaming to.

So hopefully, the unlikeliest of industries will eventually shrug off the label of Greed and Excess, instead setting the standard and being the catalyst for the eco movement.