Environmentally Conscious Celebrities And Their Eco-Friendly Homes

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Johnny Depp

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While many celebrities are travelling the world on their private jets, driving gas-guzzling cars, and running huge homes with permanently heated pools, there are others that are behaving in a more environmentally conscious way; caring for the environment and making sure that their carbon footprint is as small as possible.  These eco-conscious celebrities are more likely to call in a guy for shower repairs and to up-cycle or recycle than they are to push for all-new, all the time.  Take a look at the conservation habits of some of Hollywood’s finest:


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp may not sound like someone that would top the list of eco-friendly homeowners, after all, his homes are on two separate continents!  However, while he’s not doing the planet much good with the commute between the two properties, his Caribbean island is designed to be self-sustaining.  The 36 acre island runs on solar-hydrogen power.  I bet that makes your eco-contribution of UPVC repairs feel small!

Johnny Depp's Private Caribbean Island
Johnny Depp’s Private Caribbean Island


Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is now almost as well-known for her passion for the environment as she is for her acting.  When she’s not working on a movie, she spends her days relaxing in a converted stagecoach-home that is almost completely solar powered.  She uses a biodiesel generator as a backup, and has a solar-powered winterized barn that she uses for entertaining friends.


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts just spent $20 million on renovating her 6,000 sq foot home to make it greener. That’s some fancy shower repairs! In addition to investing in sustainable building materials, she installed solar panels on three of the roofs, keeping the property’s carbon footprint nicely in check.

Julia Robers - solar panels on house


Orlando Bloom

Taking a lesson from fellow Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, Bloom has made every effort to ensure that his new London home is as eco-friendly as possible.  He said that the home went massively over-budget, but really, can you put a price on protecting mother nature?

Orlando Bloom's sustainable home


Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer's Off-Grid Home
Photo via Ecorazzi.com

Another star that has invested in an off-grid home is Tricia Helfer.  Her new home will feature both passive and active solar power, rainwater reuse, and energy-efficient heating.  Helfer is blogging about her building plans, telling readers what materials and technologies she’s using, so if you want to try some of her plans for yourself, you can.


Most of us won’t be able to build completely off-grid homes in the way that celebrities have managed, but that doesn’t meant that it’s not worth trying to reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on the amount of energy that you waste. Simply by repairing broken household items, up-cycling things that are beyond repair, and recycling things that are completely useless, you can greatly reduce the amount of new products that you have to buy.  This saves you money, and helps you save the planet.

If anyone tries to tell you that being eco-friendly is for hippies, just point them at this list of celebrities.  If it’s good enough for Johnny Depp, it’s good enough for them!

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  1. It helps us all when celebrities demonstrate green (100 percent self-sufficient homes) that are also earth sheltered or otherwise protected from fires, tornadoes, looting, WMD (weapons of mass destruction) attacks, and other hazards. As may be seen from recent tornadoes and wildfires, in several states, the types of homes we have been building are easily destroyed in certain disaster situations.


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