All of these soccer balls were ocean debris; now they’re art

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While most of the globe is caught up watching the World Cup, artist Mandy Barker is showing off an exhibit inspired by soccer (or football, depending on where you’re reading this) and ocean pollution.

The collection, Penalty, features 769 soccer balls that used to be ocean debris and that were collected from people around the world and sent to her along with their location and story. The exhibit is divided up based on where the region on Earth where the balls were found. The collected balls were sent in from 41 countries and islands and 144 beaches. In total, 89 people sent in recovered soccer balls but, surprisingly, 228 of the balls were found by only one person.

Check out the art below:

Mandy Barker Penalty soccer ball art from Europe
Soccer balls collected from Europe


Mandy Barker Penalty soccer ball art from the UK
Soccer balls collected from the UK


Mandy Barker Penalty soccer ball art from one person
Soccer balls collected from one person

Seeing all of this debris collected in one place is reminiscent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a reminder that our oceans and marine life are in danger with the amount of garbage and pollution we continue to dump in our waters.

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