Americas Gone Wild: National Geographic’s ‘Untamed Americas’ Documentary Series

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Nature documentaries capture some of the most stunning pictures and processes of the natural world, and the evolution of technology has enabled us to get high definition glimpses of wonderful worlds we might never actually see in the physical world.

The National Geographic network just debuted a new 4-hour documentary mini-series called ‘Untamed Americas’, highlighting the mountains, deserts, forests and coasts of the North and South Continents.



From Alaska to Patagonia the crew faces many challenges in the backbrush of our own terrains, fighting with heavy equipment and the elements to bring new footage on everything from the common squirrel — to an only recently discovered species of bat with the most exceptional tongue to body ratio of any other animal on earth. (on a human it would stretch 9 feet long!)

The bats also hover like hummingbirds and pollinate the Centropogon nigricans flower of the Andean forest.

“So what’s not to love? It’s continents of extremes. The good news is you have some fantastic extremes because what you want is the epic extremes these creatures face. You have an epic landscape and intimate stories of survival. My mission was to get the epic and the intimate.” – producer Karen Bass (

Actor Josh Brolin (Milk, American Gangster, No Country For Old Men) narrates the four hour-long features.

Watch a preview of ‘Untamed Americas’ by National Geographic below:

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