Phoney Shell app draws attention to environmental damage from oil

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Before you get up in arms about what you’re about to see, know that it’s a tongue-in-cheek parody of the typical PR stunts and greenwashing marketing we see come out of the oil industry.

The official description of the video is below:

Shell’s Live With It! application explores the role technology can play in addressing the tragedies inherent in the oil and gas industry. Innovative uses of QR codes and geo location software have resulted in an easy to use app available for download now.

But now for the real campaign..


Worse than Bad is a campaign to raise awareness about the real problems that areas in Nigeria are experiencing as a result of Shell’s oil pollution. The initiative was started by Friends of the Earth Netherlands/Milieudefensie in an attempt to get Shell to

  • Commit to cleaning up the oil pollution by their annual shareholders meeting on May 22, 2012
  • Shut down oil wells that illegally flare gas by January 1 2013
  • Commit to cleaning up the oil pollution in Nigeria
  • Offer financial compensation to farmers and landowners who have been seriously hurt as a result of the oil population

Watch the videos below to better understand the plight of these communities, and what the Worse Than Bad campaign is all about:


Tell the World


Living in Kpor


Living in Bodo


Visit to find out more and to take action through donations or applying for missions.

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