An Eco Adventure in Ontario’s Long Point

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The popularity of eco tourism has taken off in recent years as people become more conscious of the impact of their travels. Many want to find a destination that seems untouched by nature, or that they can feel a genuine earthy connection with. A lot of times, this means travelling somewhere outside of your local area, sometimes around the world.

Lucky for me, there is a truly eco-focused destination that meets all of the above criteria,  and just in the backyard of South Western Ontario.

At the tail end of last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Long Point Eco-Adventures (LPEA), an outdoor adventure experience that’s deeply rooted in environmental appreciation and sustainability.

Located on the North Shore of Lake Erie in St. Williams, Ontario, the area is home to a wide variety of plants, forestry and animals, and provides a great landscape for an educational experience that’s also incredibly fun.

LPEA is probably best known for its world-class zip lining and canopy tours (which is what I went for), but they also offer paddling, biking and boat tours, along with stargazing and observatory tours at night.

As someone who is terrified of heights, I was legitimately questioning whether I’d even be able to take part in the zip lining tour once I arrived. But the promise of the canopy tour and experience to see the Long Point marshes from a completely new perspective won me over. That, and there were some pretty young kids in the group ahead of me, which I took as a sign that it couldn’t be that scary.

And it wasn’t at all. Between 8 zip lines (the longest of which is just under 800 ft; the highest point of the course about 100 ft), two suspension sky bridges, and a 40-foot rappel to finish the course, it was everything you would expect from an eco adventure, and more. Check out the video below to get a sense of what the zip lining experience is like:


For the less adventurous, there are also luxurious “glamping” suites (glamourous camping) on the grounds where everyone from couples to corporate retreats can experience the wilderness without having to get their hands dirty. The glamping suites are undoubtedly as glamourous as the name would imply. With features like a private flush toilet, outdoor shower, hot and cold running water, hardwood floor and a private deck, even the biggest city slicker would be able to ‘rough it’ in the woods for a weekend.

If you’re planning on traveling to Ontario in the future, I would highly recommend checking out Long Point Eco Adventures (it’s only about 2 hours from Toronto). And if you’re not planning a trip, this is the perfect destination to plan a trip around.

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