The premise of a solar powered water heater is simple: sunshine that hits water in a black bag is going to get hot. But to make this feasible on a much larger scale, Industrial Design Consultancy has created a double-chambered, mattress sized solar water heater that can provide up to 30 litres of hot water wherever you may need it. 

According to IDC, three full tanks of water can be heated up to 80°C. Although this may not yet be a practical solution for your home, it seems like a perfect solution for a summer cottage or a camp-out companion.

3 Alternative Energy Sources the United States Needs to get Serious About


  1. […] Solar water heating is used on a much wider scale than solar air heating. It is almost mandatory for new buildings in Japan to have such devices, and they are used extensively in Greece, China, Australia, Israel, and many other countries. The principle is similar, but the device itself is more complicated – probably due to the fact that it has been used for a longer time, and the technology was better developed. […]

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