The Best Green Technology for Future Homes

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green technology for future homes

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Global warming, toxic waste, pollution, illness all are tell-tale signs of a rapidly deteriorating world.

That’s exactly the reason why we should all do our part and implement new products and technologies that are green and eco-friendly.  Sure – if we are thinking of remodeling or building a home, we can think of eco-friendly materials such as solar panels, but there are also other types of products that can make our home greener. It’s important that we start thinking of using recycled materials, water efficient appliances and low energy products.

The following are just a few green technology products we can integrate into our homes.


What are these green technologies?

Energy Efficient Appliances

energy efficient appliances

The Energy Star standard is there for consumers, and is a set rating implemented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and now used worldwide.

This is star rating that informs consumers just how energy efficient an appliance is. It is an effort to conserve energy and prevent further greenhouse effects, so when buying appliances, be sure to look for the highest Energy Star standard available.


Renewable Energy Generation

Many homeowners are looking into renewable energy source products, installing solar water heaters, gas power generation, hot space and water heating products.  These are energy efficient but more importantly, they are low cost in maintenance and operation.


Wind Turbine

Well, for instance, there are home wind turbines that offer electrical power in 48, 24 or 12 VDS. These are small turbines that sit on the top of a home and  measure about 55 inches high and 30 inches in diameter. The cost of these turbines is still somewhat high at starting costs of just over $10,000.


Solar Heaters

solar water heating 1

These are also nifty little alternative energy products. These are heaters that use the sun’s energy to heat air and then pass it through the home’s thermal chimney and into the room, making for warmer winter indoor temperatures without the need for standard electricity.

There are also solar water heaters that use the sun’s rays to heat water for use around the home.


Rain barrels

Believe it or not, a rain barrel will be one of the most important green appliance you can have in your future home. Why? Because clean drink water will become an increasingly rare commodity thanks to global warming and pollution.

In fact, water futures are set to join the likes of gold and oil trading on Wall Street, underlining water’s importance.

A rain barrel lets you harvest and store rain water for future use. You can use it to water your garden, which is one of the major water hogs around the home. Alternatively, treat the water for use around the home.


Solar panels

solar panels

Solar panels are one of the best green investments for your home of the future. Modern photovoltaic panels are more efficient, and cheaper than their predecessors, making them a cost-effective solution for your energy needs.

Furthermore, thanks to state and federal solar incentives, you can get solar at home for a fraction of the cost. They reduce your energy bill, and have been shown to increase the value of your home.

In fact, if your biggest worry is the unsightly look of solar panels on your roof, you can now get modern solar shingles that fit right in with your existing roof. In fact, you’re basically replacing some roofing tiles with solar roofing tiles that generate you electricity. How cool is that?


Eco-Friendly building materials

Okay, so many homeowners haven’t gone as far as installing solar heaters, panels or wind turbines, but many do now use Eco-building materials.

These have a minimal impact on the environment and also help conserve energy. They need minimal maintenance and can be cleaned without toxic chemicals.

For instance, cellulose insulation offers a low organic compound that has a minimal effect on the environment. And of course, when we talk of  Eco-friendly building materials we refer to those made of plants, sustainable lumber, recycled stone and non-toxic products.

Green homes are efficient and make good use of sunlight, wind and save energy.


The Eco-Friendly Building Conclusion

There are many ways to make your home greener. It’s not a process that starts with construction, especially not if you already own your home. But it is one that starts with the products you buy. This can be everything from the alarm clock you need to that pretty throw rug (get one made of bamboo). It’s all just a matter of everyone thinking a little GREENER.

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  1. I have been looking into wind and Solar power. I have yet to find anyone in my area that supports combining the two. While there are people who support Solar, here in Virginia there is little focus on Wind Power.

    It would be nice to see an article about normal homes being re-fited to be environmentally friendly.


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