5 Innovative Clean Energy Projects in Developing Countries

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Unless you have lived a rather sheltered life, you will no doubt have heard on numerous occasions, about climate change, and the serious lack of sustainable energy we are facing. Our planet is in need of some serious changes before it’s too late, and that is why there are now a number of different “Green Projects”, being created, in a bit to help combat climate change, preserve our planet’s precious natural resources, and generate energy at an efficient rate.

It was recently announced that there will be a large number of solar power plants being built in India. India is a country with an enormous electricity market, and demand for growth. As well as India, China, and the Philippines are jumping on the green-tech project band wagon, and attempting to create ways of generating energy safely and efficiently. As well as standard geothermal plants, they are also looking to build more and more wind and solar power plants, as a way of creating natural energy that is safe for the environment, and will help preserve remaining natural resources.

In this article we will look at four of the largest and most ground breaking green projects that are being created as a way of tackling climate change, generating energy in a safe efficient way, and preserving natural resources such as coal, and oil.


Leyte Geothermal Field

Located in the Philippines, this geothermal plant is situated in an ideal location. As there are a great number of tectonic plates underneath the Philippines, this means that there is great potential for harvesting geothermal power from this specific location. This geothermal field project has been so efficient and effective, that a highly successful energy producer recently swore off from using coal altogether, and is instead investing solely in geothermal power.


Suzlon Wind Farm India

Suzlon are a home grown Indian energy company that built this particular wind farm. It is now one of the largest in the entire world. More and more people are turning to wind power, and this particular farm is proving to be extremely successful indeed. Although a majority of people agree that wind farming is the way forward, some people are still unhappy. Farmers in India, where the vast and striking wind turbines are located, are demanding more money for their land.


Acme Solar Thermal Plants

Located in India, the Indian energy company Acme announced in 2010 that they intended to build a 1000 megawatt solar thermal power plant that they expected to be complete by 2019. The company that will be creating the plant “eSolar”, specialise in modular power plants that concentrate the sun’s rays onto a giant central boiler, that in turn generates steam that drives a vast turbine. The company has set some pretty ambitious, but impressive, energy targets for when the plant is finally up and running.


Econcern wind farms

Econcern is a Dutch energy company that has been receiving pretty impressive feedback over the last few years when it comes to energy efficiency and production. They have gone into partnership with a major oil firm located in China, as well as a highly successful hydroelectric company. They are working together to build four wind farms, designed to generate over 720 megawatts of pure power.


Qaidim Basin Solar Pv Installation

Situated in the Qinghai province of China, two local and highly successful Chinese companies recently installed several solar photovoltaic panels, in the North West of China. This installation is proving to be one of the most impressive and ground breaking of its kind. The Qaidim basin receives intense amounts of solar radiation, therefore it is situated in an ideal location. The area receives an average of 3,100 hours of sunshine every single year. The installation has been so successful in fact, that there are plans in place to build many more of its kind, in similar spots around China.

So there you have it, five green projects that have either been created, or are being created as a way of sustaining natural energy from natural elements, without causing damage to our wonderful planet. Green projects like these are becoming more and more popular, and as such are popping up all across the globe. Every field of live is turning to the greener options, from virtual servers in computing to green food. So remember, go green, and help to save our planet and its resources before it’s too late.

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