Portable solar panels bring power to Hurricane Sandy-affected communities

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The Rockaways in New York haven’t had power for over a week courtesy of the devastating Hurricane Sandy. With no power in sight, aid is being sent to help the people with food and supplies that they need.

One such independent aid provider is a truck built by Greenpeace ten years ago. What’s so special about this mobile truck? It has the ability and capacity to store 50 kilowatt-hours of energy.

The interiors of the truck are fitted with solar panels that charge the batteries inside the truck, which then feeds an inverter that can turn the energy into 120/240 AC. This power is then used to keep lights up during the night. Greenpeace’s Joshua Ingle tells Gizmodo that “in a pinch [they] can even run welders or 240 stoves off of it.”

The truck, also known as Rolling Sunlight, has been up and running since last Wednesday.

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