A Solar Panel Micro Inverter

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on your home or business? You may just want to update your current system and add value to your investment. There are two types of inverters that you can install on your solar panel array. These may be either an array inverter, which will convert the DC current on your set up to AC, but it is less efficient than micro inverters. A micro inverter can convert the DC current on one or two panels. This will help you in getting the maximum efficiency out of your solar installation.


Getting Started With Micro Inverters on Your Solar System

It has been two decades since the first micro inverter was fabricated, and in this time there have been vast improvements. Now, you can find micro inverters for several types of set ups. These inverters can be linked to an internet gateway to help you monitor the efficiency of your solar array.

You can use a unit that connects a 60 cell unit, such as, the APS YC200 micro inverter. There are also others like the Enecsys micro inverter, which can handle some extreme temperatures and is a little more robust than the APS YC200 micro inverter, though not as cost effective.

If you want to have the internet monitoring capabilities you will also have to have an Internet Gateway Module. Both APS and Enecsys have Internet Gateway Modules for monitoring the efficiency and performance of your solar array. The units will allow you to access the statics of your system from any Internet connection and monitor performance and see any potential maintenance problems.

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Getting Your Micro Inverters Connected to Your Grid

Once you have decided on the system that you want to implement, you will be ready to start the process of installation. It will be easiest if it is a new installation and you are mounting them on the racks as you go. You can string up to 15 can be daisy-chained together per string. What does this mean? This means that you can connect up to 15 units to connect to your power grid.

When you are installing the inverters and any other electrical equipment you want to make sure that there is no current, and that all power is disconnected from energy sources. You will need the cable, and connecting points to mount a daisy chain of micro inverters to your solar panels and disconnect switch.

First you will want to mount the micro inverters on the racks and run the cable and connections that you will need for each individual micro inverter. After the cables and micro inverters have been installed you will be able to start with connecting it to the disconnect switch, but if you want to have an Internet Gateway the module will need to be mounted before it is connected to the disconnect switch and meter.

The Internet Gateway can be mounted and connected to an array of panels and to the disconnect switch and meter. There are cable and wireless Internet Gateway modules that can be mounted to give you the information of the solar array you have setup.

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If are using wireless; you will probably need to use a range extender that is connected to the solar panel array. In addition a wired Internet Gateway Module will need to have CAT5 cable to connect it to the internet.

You may even be able to return energy that you do not use back to the power grid of the power company with a Gird Tie Inverter, and save even more on your energy costs.


  1. “These may be either an array inverter, which will convert the DC current on your set up to AC, but it is less efficient than micro inverters. ”

    It appears that the authors need to do a little more homework on this subject. By “array inverter” I assume the authors mean “string” inverter since the article is heavily biased against them. Also, making a blanket statement that micro inverters are more efficient than string inverters is an intellectually dishonest statement that is provably false on many levels.

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