8 Reasons Why Solar Power Is Superior To Wind Power

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If you are looking at renewable energy options for power systems, it will likely come down to a decision between solar panels and wind turbines. Read on to discover eight compelling reasons to think that solar power is superior to wind power.


1) Solar panels need less monitoring

Wind turbines require very close monitoring and considerable preventative maintenance. In contrast, the main thing that you need to do in order to keep solar panels working well is to clean them thoroughly on a regular basis. This can be done with a basic cleaning kit.


2) Solar panels are less likely to be damaged by storms

When a storm hits your area, wind turbines can be critically damaged by lightning strikes or by strong gusts of wind. Solar panels are generally undisturbed by such weather conditions.


3) Solar panels take up less space

Most people simply chose to install their solar panels on the roof of a building, which requires very little space or restructuring of their property. In contrast, full-sized wind turbines are ideally installed in areas of more than half an acre, and are usually close to 42 feet tall. As a result, you will need to have a lot of space available for their installation.


4) Local authorities are often against wind turbines

You may have difficulty obtaining permission to even install any wind turbines in the first place. Unfortunately, it might be the case that your local government is concerned that turbines ruin the overall appearance of the landscape and that local people may complain about this (as well as the irritating noise of turbines). In contrast, solar panels are quite inconspicuous and are not generally thought to be eyesores.


5) It is easier to predict the energy generated by solar panels

According to recent data from NASA and BOM, something else that counts against wind turbines is the fact that they provide less predictable energy output.


6) Solar panels can provide better value for money in some areas

When you are in an area where wind speeds are lower, solar panels can provide you with more energy for the price you paid to install your equipment. Wind turbines require an average wind speed of at least ten miles per hour in order to produce energy, and are not very effective in areas where the wind speed tends to be less than twelve miles per hour.


7) Solar panels are silent

While it is true that some of the latest wind turbines are designed to be quieter, it is still the case that all turbines do make some noise. However, solar panels are entirely silent when absorbing sunlight and producing energy.


8) Solar panels are not dangerous to birds

Finally, it is an unfortunate fact that wind turbines can cause higher rates of bird mortality, as it is fairly easy for birds to collide with the blades. Solar panels pose no such risk to animals.

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