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    News on renewable energy, the energy industry, alternative forms of power and clean energy innovations that are making our society more sustainable.

    waste to energy

    Waste To Energy Technologies in 2020

    Waste-to-energy holds great potential in reducing pollution and green house gases. Here are some of the most promising technologies

    The Negative Effects of Artificial Light on Wildlife [Infographics]

    Not only is artificial light damaging to our health, contributing to light pollution and using a huge amount of energy, but it is also dangerous to the survival of many species of wildlife, too. Learn here how you can curb the harmful effects of artificial light on wildlife, and in your own abode as well.

    Talga to Make Conductive Concrete That Will Charge EVs as They Drive

    An Australian graphite business plans to make concrete that will conduct electricity and charge electric vehicles as they drive, among other intriguing tasks.
    Solar field

    This Artificial Vision Can Calibrate an Entire Solar Field in a Single Night

    Researchers have come up with a vision that enables solar field calibration to be completed in a matter of hours, reducing the time and workforce needed in the current calibration system for CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plant.

    Lightsource BP Finishes Its First Solar Project in India

    Lightsource BP has successfully finished its first utility-scale solar project in Maharashtra, India. The UK Solar Projects and Smart Energy Solutions Company was awarded the contract through a highly competitive (450MW) tender process that ended in September 2016.

    Uganda Receives 1.9bn Funding For Their Solar Energy Sector from the American Government

    The money (equivalent to 500,000 U.S dollars) was offered through Power Africa Uganda Accelerator and will be channeled through Uganda Solar Energy Association (USEA) to facilitate the increase of clean energy generation and access to electricity among Uganda's rural and urban citizens.

    Market Imbalance as China Announces Solar Subsidy Cuts

    A drastic drop is expected in the global solar energy demand after China announced solar subsidy cuts. This sudden contraction will affect the solar panel producers who've already been struggling to remain in business. 
    mining industry

    The Mining Industry Is Ditching Diesel for Renewable Energy for Reasons Beyond the Environment

    The rising prices of diesel and oil have forced the mining industry to opt for the renewable energy for sustainability.

    Fresh Water Harvested from Desert Air

    Researchers have successfully carried out trials on a new water harvester that can extract drinkable water from the air - offering a solution to people living in water-deprived areas.
    Solar energy

    Solar Energy is Now United States’ Biggest Power Source after Surpassing Wind and Gas

    According to a new study, the United State solar energy sector is expected to surpass expectations for deployment this year – equivalent to 55% of all new generation power sources.


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