Earth Day 2008 Survey: How Eco-Friendly Are Americans and Brits?

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In preparation for Earth Day next week, BuzzBack Market Research decided to survey a large group of Americans and Brits to see how well they are adapting their lives to be more eco-friendly.

The results were all positive, and showed that there is a growing interest in becoming as environmentally friendly as possible. Check out the consumer results after the cut, and see how well you match up with those who were surveyed.

  • 72% use energy efficient light bulbs
  • 70% turn down the thermostat
  • 71% recycle paper
  • 68% turn off electric appliances rather than leave them on stand-by
  • 67% take more showers than baths to conserve water
  • 57% recycle glass
  • 57% purchase recycled products
  • 55% purchase recycled paper
  • 51% purchase refill products
  • 38% use less household chemicals
  • 36% walk short distances rather than drive
  • 31% buy organic fruit or vegetables
  • 20% take fewer flights
  • 15% buy organic meat
  • 6% only buy products from companies they consider Green
  • 4% use a hybrid car

It will be interesting to see the results of the study again in a few years, and to see how quickly we are moving in a greener direction.

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