Coodo Shipping Container Homes: Mobile Homes for Mobile Lives

Coodo mobile shipping container home

Move over tiny houses! There’s a new kid in town; “coodo” (yes, the lowercase C is intentional).

This modern take on converted shipping container homes is extremely cost-effective, easier to relocate, and customizable. It’s a new home concept devised by architect Mark Dare Schmiedel who wanted to share his newfound mobility after moving from a bustling city to a quiet riverside.

coodoWith coodo, you have the freedom to travel and relocate anytime without giving up your home comforts. Each unit can be placed within the boundless walls of nature while offering the luxuries of city life.

It’s transported via a flatbed truck and craned into place. The great thing about coodo is that it can be repositioned almost infinitely, allowing you to place it based on which angle provides the best view of the location.

A special feature you can add is the floor-to-ceiling to gazing which gives a sense of limitless connection with your natural surroundings.

coodo resortCoodo can be reconfigured according to the owner’s needs. Think Lego where you’re able to put pieces together to create a space that fits your needs. Simply connect one or more units to expand your current coodo. You can make it bigger than most tiny homes and include high-tech features such as a movement sensor, temperature sensor, door and window sensors and a smoke detector.coodo upThe company made coodo to be “low-pollutant, ecologically compatible, made mostly of natural materials”. Heating and cooling costs are significantly reduced as the company uses high-rated insulation materials and double or triple glazing. The multi-functional heat pump in the coodo also doubles as a premium air filtration system. To help it maintain its minimalist appearance, all heating, cooling and power systems are concealed within the walls, flooring, and ceiling of the unit.

Aside from being a vacation house or a permanent residence, coodo can also be used for various purposes whether as a retail space, a studio, office, restaurant or social space.

The new model the company will release soon, ‘Eventcoodo’, will be exactly just for that. It will be solely for the purpose of setting up restaurants, bars, and lounge spaces.

A smaller model will also be coming soon, the ‘Coodo 9’ which is a smaller unit consisting only of one room. This will be perfect to use a studio, office, or sauna and will be easier to transport than the current models.

event coodocoodo 9The company currently offers the coodo in sizes 37 to 96 square metres. As today’s society becomes more mobile, it only makes sense to live in a space that’s mobile too!