GE Wattstation Wall Mount

CODA Automative, one of the up-and-coming ‘independent‘ electric car manufacturers, will now be selling its cars alongside the GE Wattstation Wall Mount, one of the most ‘residential-friendly’ electric car charging ports.


Who’s CODA?

CODA Automative is a privately owned American company that “designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery systems purpose-built for transportation and utility applications.” Check out their introduction video below:


Whats’s the GE Wattstation Wall Mount?

The GE Wattstation Wall Mount electric car charger is a Level 2 EV charger that provides 208-240 V (about twice what a standard household volt outlet could provide). While electric car charging stations are still being developed, the GE electric car charging system is one of the better charging stations you will be able to find at a house.



A match made in electric car heaven! Look forward to seeing more CODAs on the road that have been charged by a GE Wattstation in the near future.

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