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Do your part and become a green business. There are more green companies today than ever before, make yours a green company.

Wind Farm in the Foothills

Here’s What Banks and Financial Institutions are Doing to Help the Environment

The environment and its treatment is possibly the defining issue of our time. It consumes the political and consumer agenda. Increasingly enlightened buyers are investigating prospective purchases for their environmental ratings. The knowledge amongst...
clean energy

Small Businesses Take the Lead on Green Technology Innovation

“We need miracles,” says Bill Gates. “We need to take the CO2 rate down to 0 in less than 25 years.” So where do we turn? To universities? Well, to a certain extent we do,...
Google Sunedison Solar Plant

Google’s Latest Investments Show That the Future of Energy is Green

Google is investing billions of dollars into clean energy projects, and for good reason; because the investment is supported by the data. “Basically,” says Rick Needham, Director of the Energy and Sustainability program at Google,...
Tim Cook at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook is Optimistic About Consumers Buying Green Products

Taking part in the Climate Week NYC kickoff on Monday, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook expressed a self-described "optimistic" outlook on his company's ability to affect climate change, saying that he believes that consumers,...
colorless coca-cola

How a colorless Coke can would help the environment

It’s one of those things you probably take for granted, but the process of recycling aluminum cans is made more difficult with the use of colors, like those found on the outside of a...
British Airways

Can we fly on garbage? British Airways thinks so!

Every year we become more environmentally conscious, so much so that researchers have suggested that our conservation efforts have extended our oil supplies from lasting for another 50 years to anywhere up to 150 years....
packaging waste problem solved

This incredible idea might eliminate packaging waste forever

According to statistics, Americans alone throw away 70 million tons of packaging every year, that’s 140,000,000,000,000 lbs of waste! Label designer and Pratt Institute student, Aaron Mickelson, thinks he’s found the solution – packaging...
hp printer ink cartridges

HP Hits New Recycling Milestone for Plastic Ink Cartridges

You’ve probably heard by now that ‘print is dead’, but you wouldn’t know it by the number of ink cartridges HP pumps out of its manufacturing facilities every day. While pumping out a ton...

5 Big Businesses That Care About the Earth

Big businesses are doing their part to help out the Earth, and some of the most committed will surprise you.
exxon valdez

The Benefits of Having a Good Environmental PR Agency

Images of oil-drenched birds being hand-washed by people covered in protective gear are all too common. Many remember when the Exxon Valdez oil tanker hit a reef in Alaska in 1989, spilling over 11...