Puma to release CSR report on economic and environmental impact on ecosystems

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Puma, the shoe and sportswear company, is about to take a big step towards becoming a greener business by announcing its economic and environmental impact on ecosystems. This new CSR report will measure the impact the business has on water, crops, wildlife, communities, and more, and will determine the dollar amount these effects are worth.


Puma’s green business venture

Although the findings of the report have yet to be seen, the fact that Puma – and its parent company PPR – have taken the initiative to produce a CSR report such as the one mentioned, shows that the company is ready to take steps to protect the environment it’s affecting. Whereas many businesses focus their efforts on how much greenhouse gases their operations emit, Puma is ready to examine in far greater detail the overall impact the production of its products, from the manufacturing facilities to its supply chains.


The green Puma CSR report

The repot is going to include an environmental profit and loss statement, based on the findings of how Puma is affecting the environment. To create the report, Puma and PPR worked with PWC and Trucost, an organization that focuses solely on researching the environmental effects businesses have on ecosystems, and the planet as a whole.

Stay tuned for the release of the Puma CSR report – once it’s released we will provide an update, and take a look at where the biggest environmental impact was – and what they are going to be doing about it.


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