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You must recognize Unilever from the many household brands it is well known for, but they will soon be known for their efforts towards corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Unilever has just become a Bullfrog Power customer, and because of the scale of power they purchase, they are officially the largest commercial green energy customer in Canada.


Unilever goes green with Bullfrog Power

You will soon be able to feel much better about buying many of the products at your grocery store, as they will have been produced with renewable energy, provided by Bullfrog Power. Unilever‘s list of household brands include Lipton Tea, Dove, Hellmann’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Q-Tips, and much more. What’s more, is Unilever didn’t slowly transition to green power – they took the challenge full-on and adopted 100% clean renewable energy to power their facilities.


The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan

The switch to Bullfrog Power is part of a larger campaign by Unilever to reduce the environmental impact of their products through avenues such as sustainable sourcing, reduced waste production and water consumption and, of course, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction. In becoming a Bullfrog Power customer, Unilever has taken a giant leap forward in their environmental goals and significantly reduced the impact the production of their products will have on the environment.


How much impact does this have?

The estimated amount of energy that Unilever will be purchasing is 59,000 MWh, which is enough clean renewable energy to power 6,000 homes. This effort sets a new standard for corporate social responsibility, and Unilever certainly deserves recognition for the efforts it is taking towards environmental sustainability.

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To learn more about Unilever’s environmental goals, visit sustainable-living.unilever.com.


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