Verizon to Kill the Lights in Over 500 Stores to Promote Earth Hour

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Earth Hour is approaching quickly – this Saturday, March 26th at 8:30 pm – and to help raise awareness about the important environmental initiative, Verizon has pledged to turn off the lights in over 500 of its stores, and will save 45,000 kilowatt hours in doing so.


Verizon promoting Earth Hour

In 2011, millions of people will be participating in the WWF inspired Earth Hour across 128 countries, and businesses are now joining in on the important action of turning off all lights and power for one hour. You need to look no further than a skyline at night to see the number of buildings, offices, and stores that are lit up with no one in them. That is why Verizon has pledged to turn non-essential lights off in its locations and offices, in an effort to raise awareness about Earth Hour, and in doing so, saving 45,000 kWh.


Greener Ideal’s Earth Hour Contest

If you haven’t been checking out our site, we have an Earth Hour contest currently going on, where we ask our readers to make a pledge towards Earth Hour for the chance to win a $150 prize pack from Bullfrog Power. If you haven’t yet, enter by clicking here. We are hoping people will look beyond this one hour on March 26, and use Earth Hour as a motivation to save energy in their homes and businesses all year round – and it seems like Verizon is on track to do just that.


Fun Earth Hour Activities

Although the thought of no power for an hour in this day and age might make some people panic, we should also use the time away from computers and televisions to reconnect with family and friends. Just make sure you have lots of candles on hand!

Make sure you follow Verizon’s great example and turn off your lights for an hour for Earth Hour this Saturday at 8:30, and be sure to enter our Earth Hour contest with your pledge, and we will announce the winner on March 26th, right before we kill the lights.

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