Recyclebank is a business that rewards consumers with points based on the amount they recycle, and give them the ability to redeem rewards with those points. This innovative green business idea has the potential to change the way we look at what we buy, and what we choose to throw away – and now the Wall Street Journal has given Recyclebank its stamp of approval by naming it #4 on its Next Big Things list.


Rewards for Recycling: the wave of the future?

The idea is compelling: the more you recycle, the more you get back in return. It’s a simple idea that could get even the most pessimistic consumers to take time to glance twice at their disposables. The small incentive of rewards from partners like Ziploc, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Coca Cola, are what makes the Wall Street Journal think this rewards-based recycling program is the future of green lifestyles.


the WSJ’s Next Big Thing and No. 1 Clean Tech Company

Not only did Recyclebank pick up the #4 spot out of 50 companies on the Next Big Thing list (see the whole list by clicking here), they were also named the Wall Street Journal’s #1 Clean-Tech company last week. It seems that 2011 will be a big year for Recyclebank, so be sure to check out their offerings at, and see if you can begin redeeming points for recycling in your neighbourhood.

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