Planters Nuts to Create Planters Groves Protected Green Spaces Across U.S.

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The Plan for Planters Groves

In conjunction with the landscape architect Ken Smith, the best-known snack nut producer Planters has decided to create four natural Planters Groves out of unused urban spaces. The Planters Groves landscapes will be constructed in New Orleans, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and New York City. The landscapes are part of Planters “Naturally Remarkable” campaign, and intend to make a positive change to the environment.


Planters Biodiesel Nutmobile

In addition to the Planters Grove protected landscape areas, they will also be touring the country with a new biodiesel vehicle called the Planters Nutmobile to show people around the country how alternative energy can be used, even in vehicles. The Nutmobile, pictured below, features solar panels and a wind turbine on the roof to power the vehicle, a biodiesel generator to power the vehicle, and recycled lightweight materials to conserve the energy used to drive the vehicle. Take a look at all of the details and an image of the Nutmobile concept below:

Planters Biodiesel Nutmobile

See It For Yourself

In addition to driving around the country, the Nutmobile will be appearing at all of the Planters Groves locations. Be sure to make it out to see the the Nutmobile, or any one of the Planters Groves if you are in the area. You can follow the Nutmobile’s progress at the Mr. Peanut Facebook page.

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