What’s your company’s 5 year “green” plan?

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As with many birthdays and anniversaries, many of us reflect on how far we have come or how much more we have left to do. Whether looking to the positive or the area of opportunity, this year as Earth Day celebrated its ruby anniversary, many of us have stopped and reflected on how all aspects of our lives have been influenced by us becoming more aware of our environment. No longer is the environment the concern of a small band of rebels camping in the forest or chaining themselves to trees. If anything, we are all stepping up and taking responsibility for our actions and the consequences they have on our environment and on future generations.

Living in harmony with nature is becoming more of a reality than a dream.

Forty years ago if you had asked your employer, what was the company’s environmental sustainability goals, they would have looked at you strangely. However, with Earth Day’s mission being to promote the importance of being environmentally conscious, companies appear to be listening. A recent survey by Career Builder indicates that now, this once unheard of question is expected by companies as they interview candidates.

And just what is the answer? Well…

One-in-ten employers say they have added “green jobs,” otherwise known as environmentally-focused positions, in the last 12 months and despite the tough economy, and nearly 10 percent plan to add more in 2010. Retail led the industries surveyed with 24 percent indicating they have added the “green jobs” over the last 12 months, followed by 18 percent of transportation and utilities, 15 percent of sales, 14 percent of IT and manufacturing, and 10 percent of financial services.

So what are the 10 most common jobs you will start seeing at companies? Here is a list and the average salary, as researched by CareerBuilder:

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  1. Hydrologist: The median annual income is $78,458.*
  2. GIS analyst (Geographic Information Systems): The media annual income is $35,622.
  3. Solar energy system designer: The median annual income is $65,160.
  4. Wildlife biologist: The median annual income is $38,301.
  5. Science teacher: TBD based on your state or province.
  6. Pollution control technician: The median annual income is $58,500.
  7. Waste management engineer: The median annual income is $89,067.
  8. Organic chemist: The median annual income is $53,199.
  9. Environmental attorney: The median annual income for attorneys specializing in construction, real estate and land use is $99,579.
  10. Urban planner: The media annual income is $65,768.

Companies are not only adding environmentally friendly positions within their organizations, but they are strengthening their in-house green programs as well. Nearly 70 percent of companies say they have added programs to be more environmentally conscious in the last year. The most popular green programs include:

  • Recycling (47 percent)
  • Using less paper (43 percent)
  • Controlling lighting (40 percent)
  • Powering down computers at the end of the day (29 percent)
  • Purchasing office supplies made from recycled materials (25 percent)

“Green opportunities continue to grow as companies take advantage of increased government programs designed to spur job growth and reduce the country’s carbon footprint,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of human resources for CareerBuilder. “The green category has expanded over the past few years and job seekers are finding environmentally friendly positions in virtually every industry and at every job level.”

Companies are able to make a huge difference when it comes to supporting the environment and encouraging their employees to do the same, but they are on their way and many government initiatives are being implemented to encourage even more support from them.

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If you are in the US, please take a look at CareerBuilder.com.

Enjoy the job hunt or a potential change in career!

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