Starbucks WaterUpdate: Now With Video Evidence!
How much water do you think it would take to fill an Olympic Sized Pool? How much water do you think it would take to keep 2 million drought affected people in Namibia hydrated? The answer is, not that much, when you see how much water Starbucks wastes every day. A beyond-stupid policy held by the store has been exposed by the Sun, and has shown that 23.4 million liters of water are wasted at 10,000 outlets worldwide every day. Here’s why they do it: every Starbucks has a cold water tap behind the counter that goes into a “dipper well” to clean utensils, and due to health and safety rules, staff are banned from turning off the water because the constant flow of water prevents germs from breeding. Visit Turn Off Your Taps to see what you can do to help make a difference. 


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