Pepsi Eco Challenge / Pepsi Recycling Launch

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PEPSI CANSRemember those old Pepsi challenges where they blindfold the contestant and give them tastes of Pepsi and Coke, and if they choose correctly they win a prize? Well, Pepsi has taken their game up a notch: they’re now calling it the Pepsi Eco Challenge, and instead of winning something for choosing right, you get to help the environment by choosing a brand that is becoming increasingly ecologically responsible. Their new Eco Challenge website is intended to raise awareness about the importance of recycling, and the steps that Pepsi is taking in order to make a difference – most notably, reducing water consumption by 20%, electricity usage by 20%, and reducing fuel consumption by 25% by 2015. In conjunction with the new Eco Challenge, and their ongoing “Have We Met Before” campaignPepsi is also launching the Pepsi Recycling site that is directed towards kids, and rewards Pepsi Points for participating in online quizzes and environmental projects. It is a great spot to check out green classroom activities, so pass along the link.  

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