Corporate America Joins Together For A Green Initiative

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Brand LogosSome of the most well-known brands in North America today are joining forces this June to share their best environmental practices, and to hold group discussions about using sustainability as a business tool. Sustainability and environmental practices have already proven useful to many brands to help revenue increase, and by gathering together top executives to the Sustainable Brands conventionin Monterey, California, these practices can be shared on a much larger scale. Although the convention is only at 70% capacity right now, its attendees feature executives and CEOs from brands such as Nestle, GAP, Yahoo!, Hewlett Packard, Fiji Water, and Best Buy.

The convention began last year in New Orleans and brought corporate heavy-hitters from Coca-Cola, Toyota, Pepsi, and Wal-Mart. Because the event was obviously a success (check out Wal-Mart’s most recent advertising campaign at the bottom of this page), so it is great to hear that there are new partnerships being made for this year’s convention.

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