The future of high tech hotels is a decidedly green one, and there have been a number of breathtaking design proposals popping up in recent months for architecturally innovative hotels all around the globe. Not to mention the myriad new technologies that experts say will soon be giving the hotel industry a futuristic facelift. So, from the deserts of Dubai to the laboratories of Duisburg, here is a look at what to expect from tomorrowís tech-savvy hotels.

Mixed Use Accommodations

Not only is it inconvenient to have to hail a cab or hop on the subway every time you want to go shopping or get a bite to eat while on vacation, but it is also environmentally damaging. Which is why the Mixed-Use development proposed by Trahan Architects for Zhengzhou, China is so innovative. It will combine hotels, shopping, historical monuments, garden terraces, a public park, a transportation hub, office space, and more into one massive ecologically and aesthetically masterful 4.3 million square foot complex.

High Tech Toilets

On a much smaller (but no less awesome) scale, hotels of the future will likely be upgrading bathroom comfort with a new generation of toilets. Already popular in Japan, these high-tech toilets feature heated seats, automatic lids, warm air dryers, automated flush, a self-cleaning feature, and even pleasant ambient sounds if you want them ñ all with the push of a button.

Solar Hotels

Credit: Jeda Villa Bali

Few places in the world are better for harvesting the sunís energy than Dubai. The proposed Vertical Villagedesigned by Graft Lab will make excellent use of it with a faÁade seamlessly integrated with thousands of solar panels. The energy they generate will offset the enormous amount of air conditioning required to cool the massive complex, and they also contribute to the buildingís unprecedented look.

An Unconventional View

In the labs at Fraunhofer Institute in Duisburg, Germany, engineers and researchers have devised an incredibly unique and futuristic hotel room design. Check out this video to see all of the amazing features theyíve dreamed up. A particular highlight is the panoramic window that can be rendered opaque and doubles as an enormous television screen.

Portable Hotel Pods

Designers and engineers are currently in the process of developing a truly revolutionary hotel innovation in the form of self-sustaining, low-impact pods that can be temporarily installed in remote locations throughout the world, giving patrons unprecedented seclusion, views, and access to some of the most pristine locations on earth.

It is always inspiring to see the capabilities of the human imagination coming to fruition. These designs are as creative as they are fascinating, and are sure to change the face of travel and revolutionize the hotel industry. But best of all, they provide solutions for lowering our impact on the environment, and help to ensure that the worldís beautiful vacation destinations remain that way for a long time to come.

Article contributed by Mia Chavelle at Swissotel Tallinn; a luxury hotel situated in the heart of Estonia, featuring cutting edge technology in all of its rooms. Photo credit: Credit: UggBoy UggGirl

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