8 Green Ideas for Your Office That Won’t Cost You a Penny

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Unless your office is made out of solar panels, businesses often use up a lot of energy. In the interest of reducing overhead costs and doing the environment a favour, there are plenty of free ways you can reduce your carbon emissions. Although office refurbishments are highly effective in improving efficiencies in performance and motivation, here are just some small changes that can make a huge difference to the environment.


Double-Side Your Work

The average worker uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper a year. You can halve this amount by double-siding your work, when you print off documents. Through taking this step, a company of 100 could save more than 50 trees a year. And who doesn’t like trees?

Recycle any outdated documents and consider using recycled office paper in the first place! Won’t somebody think of the trees?


Power Off

Make sure that your computer settings are switched to sleep mode, if you plan to leave your desk for a little while. At the end of the day, completely turn off your computer.


Vegetarian Lunches!

If every American went meatless for one meal a week, it would be the equivalent, in terms of carbon emission savings, as taking 5 million cars off the road. Besides, choosing the vegetarian option is often a healthier mealtime arrangement.


Java Java Java

In the office kitchen, replace the ordinary coffee and tea with fair trade and organic alternatives. Also, kit your kitchen area out with as many eco-friendly facilities as possible. Look into compost bins and reusable mugs, rather than disposable cups. The average employee uses 500 disposable cups a year.

Use reusable water bottles instead of drinking from bottled water – this’ll even save you money. Producing bottled water takes 2,000 times more energy than tap water, and that’s without factoring in the energy used to create the plastic bottles!


Green Team

Having a group of likeminded eco warriors around the office will help innovate better approaches to being environmentally-friendly around the building. They can also try to motivate their team to be greener at their desks! There are so many possibilities.


Lights and Heating

Turning down the heating by a few degrees can save so much energy! Encourage employees to bring in their knitwear during winter and to ditch their suit jackets during summer, to save on air conditioning. A casual clothing policy can help with this.

When leaving a room for more than a few minutes, turn the lights off behind you. Certainly make sure they’re off overnight.


Car Pooling

Commuting every day can be costly for workers and bad for the environment. Setting up a car pooling service can strengthen team bonds and take many vehicles off the road. Ask those willing to share their car to step forward, so that others in their area can ask for a lift to and from work.


Home Working

Flexible arrangements can be mutually beneficial. Working from home means that you completely cut out the commute to the office (saving time, money, and the environment). And thanks to developments in technology, you can still hold web conferences, if someone needs to get hold of you.

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