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The Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP), one of the world’s leading experts in industrial energy efficiency, recently spoke out on the importance of industry to take up the charge and begin making environmental choices in order to reduce the escalating effects of climate change.

Their statement comes in response to recent studies released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stating the climate change is nearly certainly being caused by humans. And when looking at emissions, the finger is pointed less at the cars on the road, and more on the smoke stacks we so often associate with industry.

“Industrial GHG emissions currently account for around a third of the globe’s total emissions,” said IIP’s Executive Director Jigar V. Shah, noting, “industrial energy demand could increase by as much as 44 percent over the next two decades if there is no action, particularly in emerging and developing countries.”

Some other shocking facts that Shah shared:

  • Energy efficiency could reduce global industrial energy use by over 25%
  • The shift to energy efficiency could reduce global energy consumption by a total of 8%
  • Global CO2 emissions could be reduced by 12.4% by industry’s shift to energy efficiency
  • The amounts listed above would equate to the annual emissions of 800 million passenger vehicles, or 1,100 coal-fired plants

And while many industries may argue that there isn’t enough economic incentive to make an environmental shift in their business practices, that simply isn’t the case anymore. Between government rebates, and the long-term savings of switching to energy efficient machinery, there are substantial cost savings to be reaped. According to the information released by IIP, enterprises could save up to 30% of their yearly energy consumption by managing their energy usage better, or conducting energy audits and subsequently replacing inefficient machinery with modern equipment that uses much less power.

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Find out more about how industry can become more energy efficient by visiting the IIP’s website at

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