5 Ways You Didn’t Know Technology Can Help Your Business Go Green

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Not only does a company going green help the environment, it could be a key selling point for clients. Many amazing advances in technology could also save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single year, and this is why every company should consider doing just a little bit more for the environment. Here is a closer look at five common tech advances that could save time, money, and help the environment.

1. Buy Green

To start this process off, it is important to always purchase green or high-efficiency products. Many business owners may not know that various governments even offer huge stipends to companies that purchase these products and are able to reduce their energy consumption. Some of the most common “green” technology includes Energy Star monitors, light bulbs, and even sinks within the bathroom.

2. Virtual Servers

Local servers have long been the only option for companies, but more people than ever are now looking to virtual servers in order to cut down on their local expenses, energy consumption, and the need for multiple servers. Cloud-based servers can be accessed anywhere in the world by team members. Old servers can then be quickly recycled and removed from the office.

3. Technology Recycling

One of the biggest issues with many advanced gadgets is the ability to recycle them quickly and efficiently. For many years, options such as batteries would require a special trip to a recycling center while some motherboards were completely impossible to recycle. There are now a number of options for businesses that would like to recycle everything from smartphones to ink drums, and owners should check with their local recycling and waste plants.

4. Paper Scanners

No matter how advanced technology gets, paper manufacturing increases every single year. This is why paper scanners are another important purchase for offices. These paper scanners will quickly digitize any number of documents, notes, or business cards with a single touch of a button. A PDF converter can then be used to convert scans, written documents, or even business cards into easily-accessible PDF formats.

5. A Closer Look at Fax Machines

Fax machines remain one of the biggest offenders when it comes to keeping an office inefficient. Not only are these items eating up electricity throughout the day and night, they also require huge amounts of paper. Businesses can now use a fax server solution to have all faxes sent directly to a designated email to save energy and paper.

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