5 Tips for Helping Your Doctor’s Office Become More Eco-friendly

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These days, going green is more than just a fringe movement for diehard environmentalists. Many people have embraced the concept of becoming more environmentally conscious. If you manage a doctor’s office, then you might not think you can go green and still remain cost-efficient. However, you can make small steps that drastically reduce your environmental impact. The following tips will show you how to make your doctor’s office more eco-friendly.

Utilize Social Media

With stringent HIPPA laws and other privacy policies, you can’t divulge medical information online. But you can use social media to announce important office changes, offer general advice and market your practice. Using social media in lieu of costly paper marketing will increase your traffic while decreasing your carbon footprint.

Cut Back on Utility Bills

Something as simple as turning off lights and machinery when you’re not using them will not only help the environment but significantly reduce the cost of your utility bills. Switch to energy-saving light bulbs and consider replacing toilets with low-flush models that save water. You can make a difference with small, inexpensive changes and save money at the same time.

Send Out Mailers

Sending out paper mailers like dental postcards might not sound like savvy green advice, but actually mailers can help you reduce paper volume. Postcards to announce new business hours and other information save paper and printing costs, reduce the amount of ink and postage you use and offer a concise way to announce important things.

Support Technology Upgrades

Doctor’s offices have tons of expensive medical equipment and computers for keeping track of patient files and performing everyday medical procedures. When is the last time you evaluated this equipment for upgrades? Computers have come a long way. Large equipment requires a lot of energy to operate. Consider downgrading larger, outdated equipment in favor of more energy-efficient models. You’ll actually get an upgrade in the long run.

Use Sustainable Materials

Some materials simply can’t be replaced. You need latex gloves and other non-biodegradable materials to perform your daily duties. But some products like Styrofoam can easily be replaced with more earth-friendly materials. Consider using reusable kitchenware instead of plastic in your break rooms and cutting back on the amount of plastic you use in general. A doctor’s office naturally produces a lot of waste, but you can help your office become more eco-friendly by investing in more sustainable materials where possible.

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