TD is protecting 2 football fields worth of forests every day

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TD Forests

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TD Bank has launched a new initiative to protect 2 football fields worth of forests every day – or approximately 300,000 trees per year – by significantly reducing the amount of paper the business uses in every way, with the end goal of reducing their paper consumption by 20% by 2015.

TD has also set a goal to become “paper neutral” by the end of 2012, meaning that they will be planting or protecting enough trees to offset the paper they use.

Attendees of the Toronto Green Living Show would have certainly seen TD’s Forest of Green Ideas exhibit (pictured to the right), where they had many screens set up displaying the ideas for paper reduction that attendees were entering on display iPads. There were quite a few ideas, and it certainly spurred show attendees to think about ways they could reduce the amount of paper used in their personal lives – not just when doing their banking.

Although the initiative has just begun, at the time of publishing this article the TD Forests counter is already showing 38 football fields worth of trees saved.

Find out more about this commendable environmental initiative in the video below:



And be sure to check out the incredibly cool multi-video page created by TD over at YouTube.

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