Rowenta Fashion Takes Action

Here’s an opportunity to assist an environmentally-friendly non-profit organization raise some money, without actually having to donate any yourself. For every Like Rowenta receives on its Facebook page during the month of April, it will donate $1 to Fashion Takes Action.

You don’t even have to leave this page. Just click the Like button below:



Who is Fashion Takes Action?

Fashion Takes Action is a Canadian organization that focuses on sustainability in the fashion industry. FTA helps its members create their garments in more eco friendly ways, while creating a network of like-minded individuals and organizations who care about creating clothing that fits a green lifestyle.


Who is Rowenta?

Rowenta is the manufacturer of the DW6000 Eco Intelligence Iron, which uses an Eco Steam System to press fabrics as perfectly as a traditional iron, but using 25% less energy.

So do your part to help out Fashion Takes Action and be sure to ‘Like’ Rowenta.


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