10 Leading Credit Cards Linked to Environmental Charities

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Environmentally conscious consumers interested in finding creative ways to do their part will be happy to know that several credit card companies have partnered with environmental charities. Using these cards is a great way to contribute to an environmental cause and promote eco-friendly practices by credit card companies.


Why Not a Low Interest or Rewards Card?

By showing support for these causes, and favouring credit cards linked to environmental charities, environmentally conscientious consumers are sending a powerful message to banks and credit card companies that they refuse to support ecologically detrimental policies associated with some credit cards. In support of a move to greener and more ethical consumerism, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten credit cards linked to environmental charities, presented here in alphabetical order.


1. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Bank of America offers a Visa credit card linked to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that allows credit card holders to make contributions with each purchase. Bank of America donates 0.25% of each purchase made with the card to the ASPCA. The bank also makes similar contributions to other charitable groups linked to other credit cards they offer, including the American Lung Association.


2. Barclaycard Breathe

In addition to being a finance friendly credit card with no annual fees and 0% interest, the U.K.-based Barclaycard Breathe MasterCard is also environmentally friendly. A full 0.50% of each purchase made using the Barclaycard Breathe card is donated to a variety of programs focused on combating and reversing climate change. While the card’s representative APR is 16.9%, cardholders enjoy a far more attractive 5.9% APR when they make green choices like purchasing bus or other public transportation tickets.


3. Brighter Planet

Another Bank of America card, the Brighter Planet Visa card supports renewable energy programs in the U.S. Some of the programs supported by purchases made using the Brighter Planet card include: the Wray School District wind turbine in Colorado, a number of farmer-owned wind turbines throughout the Midwest, and the farm methane abatement program used at the Wanner’s Pride-N-Joy Farm in Narvon, Pennsylvania.


4. Friends of the Earth

Another option for residents of the U.K. is the Friends of the Earth Visa credit card. The Co-Operative Bank donates £15 when a card holder opens an account, an additional £2.5 when the card is used during the first six months, and 25p when £100 are spent using, or transferred to, the card.


5. National Wildlife Federation

Bank of America’s National Wildlife Federation Visa helps card holders support the NWF’s animal conservation programs. Bank of America donates $50 for each account opened. Bank of America offers NWF Checking and Savings accounts as well.


6. Greenpeace

The United Kingdom’s Co-Operative Bank also offers the Greenpeace Visa, making the same monetary donations to Greenpeace as they do to Friends of the Earth for each account opened and every time a purchase of £100 or more is made using the card.


7. Heritage Affinity Services

Heritage Affinity Services (HAS), in cooperation with U.S. Bank and Visa, offers the HAS Advantage card that allows card holders to support Israeli-based charities including the Gush Etzion Foundation which helps create and maintain parks and playgrounds in the region.


8. Salmon Nation

Consumers with a Salmon Nation Visa, offered by One PacificCoast Bank, help protect the Pacific Northwest ecosystem. A percentage of all purchases made with the card are donated to Ecotrust in support of Salmon Nation, a cooperative aimed at preserving the environment.


9. Working Assets

FIA Card Services offers the Working Assets credit card, which includes a $0.10 donation to a number of nonprofit organisations for each purchase made using the card. These nonprofit groups include environmentally conscious projects like the Natural Resources Defence Council, as well as groups concerned with social issues like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Project Vot


10. World Wildlife Foundation

U.K. residents can take advantage of the MBNA WWF Visa. MBNA will make contributions on behalf of each card holder as follows: £6 for using the card during the first month and a half after opening the account, 40p each time the card holder spends £100, and £2 each year the card holder stays with the bank.

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