5 Businesses Making Real Headway In Alternative Energy

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Alternative energy is the key to our future if the human race is to continue existing on the planet. It is imperative for companies to look for new ways to power vehicles, homes and places of business if the world is to be sustainable in the long run.

Scientific data providing a warming planet has led to worldwide climate change and many places are suffering as a consequence to the burning of fossil fuels and mass pollution.

However, many businesses are taking it upon themselves to find alternatives that would help mitigate some of the problems that now exist. Here is a guide to five of these important companies.


1. First Solar

First Solar is a company based in Arizona with annual revenues of over $25 billion (USD). Like the name infers, the company deals with solar power as a means for energy.

Since the company is based in Arizona, the business has the benefit of working in the desert where virtually all days are sunny for maximizing the power of the closest star. Since its founding in 1999, the business has seen great success and is the world’s second largest producers of photovoltaic modules.

The company has been ranked as one of the top 50 most innovative businesses in the world for its revolutionary work with this important technology and has gone a long way to ensure the continued existence of our planet.


2. Gamesa Corporation

Next is the Gamesa Corporation located in Zamudio, Spain. The company harnesses the power of the wind and builds large turbines that in turn produce much energy for the area.

The business was founded in 1976 and has been one of the world’s leaders in wind turbines. Gamesa provides energy for much of Europe and Asia and is capable of producing in excess of 20,000 megawatts. Thanks to the power of wind, the Spanish company has eliminated the need for use of coal and other harmful substances to the environment.

It is estimated that Gamesa Corporation has saved nearly 52 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the air.


3. Q-Cells

Q-Cells is a business based in Germany. The company has annual revenues of over €1 billion and a much smaller operating cost. Like First Solar, the company uses solar energy for its production method.

The company is also involved with photovoltaic modules and developing new and innovative solar panels. Q-Cells provides the world with nearly 1000 megawatts of energy and has spread into Asia to help the market become more green in that part of the world.


4. General Electric

General Electric is one of the oldest American companies and was founded in 1878. The corporation is involved with many areas of the economy. However, one of the latest off shoots of the business is GE Wind Energy which uses wind turbines to collect power. This branch is one of the largest producers of wind turbines in the world and has been very important in garnering interest in alternative energies within the United States of America.

Historically speaking, many Americans were apathetic when it came to using sustainable forms of energy, but when it started meaning jobs with GE, the public started jumping on board.

One of the biggest advocates for wind turbines in the United States is oil baron T. Boone Pickens who made commercials broadcasted nationwide in support of his Pickens Plan.


5. Vestas Corporation

Finally is the Vestas Corporation. Located in Denmark, this multi-billion euro company has also heavily invested in wind turbines.

The company was founded in 1945 and employees more than 20,000 persons globally. Vestas was one of the earliest businesses to become involved with renewable energy. It once accounted for nearly a fourth of all the wind turbines produced globally. However, with a fast increase of competitors, it lost a substantial share of the market. It is still the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in the world and has done remarkable work with helping to eliminate pollution and make the planet greener and more sustainable.


These companies are part of the vanguard in the movement for alternative energy. Because of them, the planet has hope for the future. It will be important to try to get more people to jump on the bandwagon and eliminate the need for both fossil fuels and reliance upon coal.

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  1. The problem with wind and solar renewables is they are utterly dependent on such huge quantities of storage that they are in actuality a pipe-dream. That is why Germany was building 20 more coal plants even before closing its nuclear plants.

    Germany talks green and burns coal, which together with gas are what actually power the country.
    Renewables just make them expensive as they have to be carried by the fossil fuels. Germany and Denmark remain some of the highest per capita emitters of CO2. Nuclear France is much lower.

    What is really green Isaac? Like- is a rich movie star really smart?


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