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autonomous robots

The Future of Sustainable Buildings: Autonomous Ant-Like Robots

A new technology in robotics could mean big changes to the ways of the traditional building industry. The TERMES project is a group of small robots that are able...
Apple Spaceship Campus

Apple’s Spaceship Campus: Steve Jobs’ Environmental Legacy?

It could be Steve Jobs' greatest legacy, or his biggest donut. The usually energetic founder of Apple looked frail and weak, as he made his initial presentation to Cupertino’s city...
green home

Realtor Home Buyer Study Shows Promising Green Trends

A 2013 study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows home buyers are thinking green when it comes to choosing a new residence, spurring much-needed demand in a...
Bali Mansion

The Bali Bamboo Mansion

What stands as the dream tree house of the century, could also be nominated for any number of architectural awards. This tree house in Bali was constructed almost entirely...
flat pack housing

The Green Benefits of a Flat Pack House

Flat pack furniture has been around for decades now and if you look around any suburban home in the UK you’ll see it. However, have you ever thought about...
construction project

Make sure your construction projects cover all of the bases

There are many things to take into account when setting up a commercial construction project, ranging from insurance cover and temporary fencing to making the process greener and, of...
one world trade center

Green Technologies in the New One World Trade Center

Sustainable architecture, also commonly referred to as green building technology, is one of the key considerations in the construction of modern high-rise buildings. This is because of the urgent...
shipping container

More Fascinating and Eco-Friendly Uses for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are the primary equipment used when transporting goods across the world. They are essentially huge boxes that can carry a huge amount of goods in a safe...
sustainable building

Clever Construction: 6 Green Building Materials of the Future

Think of the future. What comes to mind? Flying cars perhaps? What about robots? Most people would probably go to the extreme and think of these two things. But,...
Toronto skyscrapers

The Smart Building Industry is About to Explode

With the introduction of "smart grid" technology, much of the attention has been focused on how new products will help households become more energy efficient. And while consumer-based smart...