Environmentally Friendly Modular Buildings

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There is a large emphasis at present for businesses to be taking environmental issues into consideration, from the methods its employees travel to work, to recycling and business premises.

Businesses can help to make a huge impact in the fight against global warming due to their size, power and ability to gain green credentials that benefit their business, for example the ISO14001 accreditation. The ISO14001 proves a company’s environmental credentials which in this day and age enhances the corporate image and actually saves the company or organisation money by reducing energy consumption.

One quite recent finding is the environmentally friendly attributes of a pre-owned portable building. The Government accepts that modular and portable buildings have unique energy efficient properties and this is recognised in the latest building regulations approved document – L2A 2006. The reason for this is that the embodied energy required to manufacture a modular building is transportable as the embodied energy is locked within the fabric of the building. Therefore the energy contained within pre-owned modular buildings can be transported and relocated to another site.

When a pre-owned modular building or portable self contained office is relocated, then the amount of energy used is only 3% of the energy that is required to manufacture a new equivalent modular building.

So buying a quality pre-owned modular building not only saves money and is an immediate solution growing accommodation needs, but it also makes a difference to the environment by recycling the embodied energy contained within the building.

Environmentally friendly modular buildings can be used for such a wide variety of functions including mobile classrooms, construction site accommodation, temporary offices and portable storage buildings.

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