Rubbermaid Announces Waterless ecoUrinal to Save Water in the Bathroom

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When you consider that flushing the toilet uses between 6 and 20 gallons of water every time, it makes sense to consider other options to go green in the bathroom. To help save on our water consumption when flushing, Rubbermaid Commercial Products is releasing a new waterless bathroom product called the ecoUrinal which could save facilities an average of 40,000 gallons of water per year.


Saving water with urinal installations

If you’ve used public men’s washrooms at all, chances are you have come across a urinal that uses very minimal amounts of water. The truth is, any urinal saves on water consumption significantly. However, not using water at all, like the Rubbermaid waterless ecoUrinal, is the ultimate green bathroom feature.


How the Rubbermaid ecoUrinal saves water

The Rubbermaid ecoUrinal uses a unique enzyme cartridge that lasts 10 years and replaces standard urinal pucks, and eliminates the need for water. These enzyme tablets kill the odor, and also keep the drain lines clear. By eliminating the need for water, Rubbermaid has also eliminated the need for a flush point (valve or handle), which serves an extra purpose: promoting hygiene by reducing the amount of contact bathroom patrons have with the facilities.


Why every building should have ecoUrinals

If you are a building owner, you must know the high cost of water, and all of the places where it’s used in your facility. By installing ecoUrinals in the bathrooms, you are immediately cutting the cost of approximately 40,000 gallons of water per year, not to mention doing a great deed for the environment.

Starting your greener home and bathroom projects

Learn more about how you can make your building even greener using Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ ecoUrinals in your washrooms by visiting their official site.

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