Blu Homes have created a new series of energy efficient prefab houses which will decrease homeowners’ energy bills by 50-70%. According to Blu Homes, living in one of their green design energy efficient models is the homeowners’ equivalent of driving a hybrid vehicle.


Cutting your carbon footprint at home with Blu Homes

While changing the thermostat down just a few notches makes a big difference in your annual heating bill, it won’t impact it as significantly as living in a Blu Home would. The unique green construction steel structure features high-quality insulation and radiant floor heating, as well as a green design which makes use of natural lighting. Additionally, Blu Homes can be easily fitted with solar panels, should homeowners to take the extra step towards living in a green home.


A Blu Home disassembled

Check out the picture below of the Blu Home’s green design to see what it contains, and why it’s so energy efficient:

Blu Homes Interior

Energy efficient features of a Blu Home

The Blu Home pictured above features the following green construction features:

  • Energy efficient CFL and LED lighting options
  • Bamboo, forest stewardship council (FSC) and reclaimed wood flooring options
  • Radiant flooring and mini splits with high seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER)
  • Structural and light steel that is 77% recycled
  • A recyclable steel frame with the highest strength to weight ratio
  • Factory built to keep moisture and mold out
  • Facades designed for optimal solar lighting
  • Anderson window and door configurations, containing recycled content wood fiber and glass
  • Exterior rigid foam to provide tight air seals
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Live in a green designed Blu Home Yourself

Blu Homes has a wide variety of green designs, and even have two-story configurations available to those who are considering living in an incredibly eco-friendly energy efficient home. The lowest cost Blu Home is the origin, which begins at $95,000 for a 24 foot shell. Although it may not be very much living space, buying a Blu Home where an area where you would normally build a cottage may be a great green investment.

Visit Blue Homes official site to find out more, and compare all of the homes they have to offer.


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