Bora-Care Green Termite Treatment Kept 300 Million Gallons of Chemicals from the Ground

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Today, Nisus Corporation announced it sprayed its one-millionth home with Bora-Care, the green chemical-free termite treatment that has saved more than 300 million gallons of pesticides from being sprayed into the soil around new buildings.


Bora-Care and its environmental benefits

Traditionally, chemical-based termiticide is pumped directly into the soil around a new building to deter termites, but by adopting Bora-Care, no chemicals are used or sprayed into the soil. Conventional chemical-ridden soil treatments also have to be repeated as often as every 5 years, resulting in even more chemicals being pumped into the ground. With Bora-Care, the spray stays on the frame of the house and never has to be reapplied to keep the structure pest-free.


Bora-Care saves builders time and money

Not only does Bora-Care provide great environmental benefits, it saves builders nearly a day of building time, which in turn saves money. Additionally, builders can earn ‘green points’ by using environmental services like Bora-Care termite treatment just as they would for controlling water run-off or making a building energy efficient.


Think Green Pest Management when Building Green

If you are a green builder interested in working with Bora-Care, be sure to visit Nisus Corporation’s website to find out how you can begin treating your homes and buildings with an environmentally friendly termiticide.

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