Floating City Concept NOAH: New Orleans Arcology Habitat


New Orleans Floating City

Thanks to the work of people such as Brad Pitt and Mike Holmes, the tragic effects of Hurricana Katrina on New Orleans have yet to be forgotten. Worst of all is the fear that such a devastating occurrence could happen again because of ever-changing climate issues. However, one group of designers believe they have found the solution to the environmental problems facing the historic area: a floating city on the Mississippi.

The proposed building would contain 20,000 units each around 1100 square feet, 3 hotels with roughly 200 rooms, 1500 time share units, 3 casinos, 500,000 square feet of commercial space and rental condominiums, a parking garage, cultural facilities, a school system, an administrative office, and a health care facility.

The idea of a floating urban platform seems strange at first, but by using water as a controlled bearing foundation, residents in New Orleans would be able to rest assured even during the stormiest of weather.

In addition to providing shelter from the impending storms, the proposed NOAH will also be LEED certified and have the smallest impact on the environment possible.

Keep reading to see more images of the cool environmentally friendly design.

New Orleans Floating City

New Orleans Floating City

Photo credits: Tangram 3DS