5 Lessons Learned From Eco-Friendly Schools

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We are constantly being threatened about what is going to happen to our planet if we don’t adjust our bad habits, but personally I don’t believe children have had much practical information on how we can change that, or prevent it in the future.

Surely there’s no better way to create an environmentally aware generation than by installing eco-friendly values in school and these five establishments are finding seriously cool ways to inspire students to save the planet!


1) Reusing Old Newspapers as Building Materials

In Taiwan an environmentally conscious couple decided to create a schoolhouse made from old newspapers. This was done by collecting newspapers from students and using a large hand-built blender to mix newspapers, water and cement to create what they dub as ‘papercrete’. Although small, this innovative design fits up to 16 people and shows local students the wacky things you can do with old items.


School of the Arts, Singapore
Image by Colt Group

2) Keeping Air Clean in the City

In Singapore’s city centre, The School of the Arts has made a spectacular statement by covering the building extensively in plants and trees. The rooftop has become an impressive ‘park in the sky’, complete with running track and panoramic views of the city. This design intends to reduce air pollution by keeping the city air clean.


3) Saving Energy with Natural Light and Insulation

Hillside Middle School was especially designed to maximise natural light to save energy costs and it also utilises insulated windows to create a cool working environment. The paint on the building contains low levels of chemicals and filters were added to the boiler, which ensures the air is kept clean of harmful particles. You can check the final result out here!


Green School Bali, Indonesia
Image by 350.org

4) Saving Energy with Solar and Hydro Power 

This strikingly beautiful school in Bali is constructed from bamboo with an unusual thatched roof. All sources of power are eco-friendly, such as hydro-power vortex generators and solar panelling to make use of the climate. The idea behind it was to empower locals and encourage students to take initiative, thereby reducing their own global footprint.


5) Reusing Plastic Bottles to make a Greenhouse

It may be on a smaller-scale than the others projects, but the greenhouse created by St. Bernadette’ Primary School in England is formed of over one thousand plastic bottles! It’s certainly a clever little idea. This is the perfect project for any school and demonstrates how you can reuse almost any item in a new way. St. Bernadette’s say the difficult part is collecting the 2 litre bottles, so you could even offer class rewards to the students that bring in the most.


What innovative ways can you think of to teach students about the environment?

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